Our Residential Homes

ASH Inc. has three adult residential homes in Ashland: Miller, Pinel and Lindley house. Each home has the ability to serve five residents and is staffed by a unique team of ASH employees providing support to our residents with everyday activities. Individual homes often host musical events, barbecues, birthday parties and dinners. 

ASH Inc. strives to provide the best possible safe, comfortable housing and 24 hour direct care supports for residents here. While we assists the residents many aspects of daily living, our staff recognizes that these are the residents’ homes; we, as staff, are just there to assist when needed.

All of the residents at ASH Inc. are adults. While we do our best to encourage healthy choices, we support and respect their decisions (as long as a person’s immediate health and safety are not compromised). We do our best to recognize where each person’s strengths and weaknesses are (in their abilities); we understand that they are individuals with different wants and needs.

Each of the houses has its own personality. Find out more: