Pinel House

Lindley House ResidentsOur Activities
Pinel House is visited by Elvis regularly to engage the residents in a sing-along or just provide some entertainment. When the weather is nice, our residents also enjoy going out to the garden areas. They help keep their house looking good by weeding or helping the landscape artist in the yard, all purely voluntary. Another activity our residents enjoy in good weather is sharing their art in the outdoors. Sidewalk chalk is usually the medium of choice.

We also have some residents that are interested in being more involved with the kitchen. We try to encourage this interest by inviting residents to have a one-on-one baking session with a staff member. These baking sessions are a house favorite because they usually end with something delicious.

Pinel House ResidentPinel House Resident

Our house will also host bar-b-ques from time to time in the summer and invite Lindley and Miller house residents and staff to come and enjoy our food, company, and backyard view of the valley.

The Pinel House manager made the following statements:

On working for ASH…
“I like that ASH is a small non-profit organization. Helping people live fulfilling lives is its own reward; but working in a house where Elvis is king, staff has good relationships with the residents and it’s a great working environment. It feels more like family than it does work.”

For prospective Employees…
“When I’m hiring, I look for compassionate individuals who take initiative and are not afraid of hard work. I search for employees who will give utmost respect to our residents and find enjoyment in the uniqueness of people.”

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