Lindley House

Lindley House ResidentsOur Activities
The residents at Lindley House like to watch sports on TV; we have a client who loves to watch football. We also host musical events and dinners at our house that Miller and Pinel house residents are invited to attend. One of our residents enjoys drawing with sidewalk chalk outside in our driveway.

The Lindley House Manager made the following statements:

On working for ASH…
“This job provides me with the mental and emotional challenges and fulfillment that I require to be totally content with my work. It feels like a natural family environment. I enjoy the level of challenge that comes with balancing both resident and staff needs. I appreciate the residents’ assertiveness and honesty. I appreciate that staff take pride in their work and have a high level of understanding, compassion, and appreciation of our residents’ personalities and individuality: for me, that means I come to work to find a clean house and happy staff and residents.”

For prospective employees…
“When I’m hiring, I look for motivated people who take initiative. I want people who will help support the dignity of the residents of Lindley house and can maintain composure in a fast paced situation. I seek employees who appreciate diversity in people, in both personality and lifestyle.”

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